A Celebration Service on St. Benedict’s Day July 11th, 7pm

At Milton Abbey Church on the evening of July 11th 2017 at 7pm.

The Abbey at Milton has long associations with the Benedictines as well as with the patronage of St. Mary, St. Samson and St. Branwallder. In 964 Benedictine monks established a community at Milton Abbey under Abbot Cyneward. This monastic community continued its work of prayer and service until its dissolution in 1539.

The history of the Abbey has been well documented in books and pamphlets, but now a new Christian ministry is unfolding in the Abbey and whilst it is not seeking to re-establish a settled Benedictine community in this glorious north-west corner of Dorset, the new work will reflect certain Benedictine principles.

One important feature of what is planned is to be of service to the local community, churches, deaneries and the diocese through prayer, teaching, worship and hospitality. In celebrating St. Benedict's Day on the 11th July we are both looking back in gratitude and forward with resolve and commitment; we are launching the new ministry.

Come and join us and catch a flavour of what is to come – we look forward to extending Christian hospitality to all who will join us for that evening service on St. Benedict's Day.

Reverend Christopher Jervis
Provost of Milton Abbey

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